Attractions in Hel

Attractions in Hel


Attractions in Hel

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Seal Sanctuary

Bearded seals are beloved residents of the Baltic coast, cherished by tourists. They can occasionally be encountered in their natural habitat, for example, near the mouth of the Vistula River into the sea near Sobieszewska Island, but in Hel, they have another home. The Seal Sanctuary at the Marine Station takes care of preserving their population in the Baltic Sea. The Seal Sanctuary is open to tourists year-round.

Lighthouse in Hel

Hidden in the forests of the Coastal Landscape Park is a historic lighthouse, which is open to tourists during the summer season. It is the highest viewpoint in the area.

Diving in Hel

Anyone can try diving in Hel, you can sign up for individual training at the Hel Diving Base and later dive at one of the wrecks of the Bryza K18 cutter. This attraction is available during the summer season.

Coastal Defense Museum

During the interwar period, tourists were not allowed in Hel. After Poland regained independence, the Hel Fortified Area was established at the tip of the peninsula (from the borders of Jurata to Hel). Learn about the military history of Hel and the battles on the peninsula at the Coastal Defense Museum (MOW). The museum tells the story of the construction of the Fortified Area, German expansion during World War II, and the actions of the Polish army during the PRL era. It occupies former German artillery battery facilities, adding an authentic atmosphere. MOW is part of the Hel Museum Complex.

D'DAYWar Reenactments

A reconstruction of a pivotal moment in the history of World War II, which occurred on June 6, 1944 – the day when the Allies launched the Normandy landings, initiating an offensive that aimed to liberate Europe from German occupation. Every year at the end of August, the event is reenacted on the local Hel beach. The historical and militaria enthusiasts' gathering lasts for an entire week.

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