Attractions in Toruń

Attractions in Toruń


Attractions in Toruń

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Bella Skyway Festival

This unusual August spectacle has permanently become a part of Toruń's cultural events schedule. For several days, the old town buildings are illuminated with specially designed lighting using the latest projection technologies (e.g., 3D mapping). Light shows, for a short time, breathe completely new life into the historical walls of the city. The Light Festival has been held continuously in Toruń since 2009.

Vistula Festival

The Vistula Festival is an August event that connects cities and towns along the course of the queen of Polish rivers from Włocławek, through Toruń, to Bydgoszcz. As part of the festival, there are markets, concerts, outdoor performances, parades of floating units, and regattas.

Speedway Grand Prix at Motoarena

In September 2024, the world's best speedway riders will once again compete at the Toruń Motoarena. They will conclude the competition for the title of individual world champion in speedway racing. Undoubtedly, it will be an exciting competition, attracting fans of the "black sport" to the City of Copernicus.

Copernicus House

Visiting Toruń without seeing the family home of Nicolaus Copernicus is like not visiting Toruń at all. Currently housing a modern museum, it uses multimedia techniques to present the development of science over the centuries, the daily life of burghers in a late Gothic Hanseatic house, and the figure of the famous astronomer.

Planetarium in Toruń

A modern planetarium is a must-have in the city of the birth of the most eminent Polish astronomer, Nicolaus Copernicus. Tourists shouldn't miss this place either. In the Toruń planetarium, the first in Poland, the 'all-sky' system was implemented, allowing for the projection of images across the entire dome above the spectators, providing the sensation of actually being inside nebulae or star clusters. Selected astronomical sessions in the planetarium are also available in multiple language versions: English, German, Russian, and Spanish.

Center of Modernity Młyn Wiedzy

This is the first science center in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. Its headquarters is located in the historic building of the former Richter Mill – one of the most valuable industrial architectural monuments in Toruń. The center inspires through interactive exhibitions and workshops, promoting science, technology, and culture. One of the attractions of the Toruń center is the largest Foucault pendulum in Poland, allowing observation of the Earth's rotation.

Center for Contemporary Art

The Center for Contemporary Art in Toruń is a modern space for art. Operating interdisciplinary, it offers exhibitions, lectures, seminars, residency programs, and educates young people. It is a place for open discussion on key phenomena in art. The three floors of the building house about 4000 m² of exhibition space. On the ground floor, there is a cinema, workshop space, a bookstore, and a reading room.

NHouse of Toruń Legends

The House of Toruń Legends is a combination of a museum and an interactive theater. It transports visitors into the magical world of stories about the city's history. The exploration of six installations takes about 45 minutes, and the House of Legends is, in fact, the Gothic underground of a house in the Old Town.

Niewidzialny Dom

Niewidzialny Dom jest nową edukacyjno-turystyczną atrakcją Torunia. Prezentuje świat z wyłączeniem zmysłu wzroku. „Niewidzialni przewodnicy” to osoby niewidome, które w ciemności żyją na co dzień. Pomagają zwiedzającym przeżyć, niezwykle pouczającą przygodę.

Baj Pomorski Puppet Theater

After a thorough modernization, the Baj Pomorski puppet theater building has had perhaps the most original façade in Poland since 2006 – resembling a giant wooden wardrobe. Numerous performances for children and artistic workshops take place here. This charming place pulsates with cultural life, educating and delighting successive generations of young viewers.

The Toruń Fortress

The Toruń Fortress Museum in the former Chełmińska Gate Barracks is part of the 19th-century defensive system. It is a well-preserved complex of fortifications, including a fort, shelters, and artillery batteries. In the rooms of the former military barracks, you will see an exhibition that brings the history of the fortress closer. Exhibits, such as a mobile armored tower or weapons used by soldiers defending the city, illustrate various stages of the fortress's development, from the Middle Ages to World War II.

Gingerbread Museum

When visiting Toruń, it's worth stopping by the Toruń Gingerbread Museum, located on the premises of a former 19th-century factory owned by the Weese family. The exhibits here provide a true journey through the history of gingerbread. Additionally, guests can enjoy many attractions, including participating in gingerbread baking workshops and tasting sessions.

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