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Szczecin Gallery



Halo Szczecin

Halo! It’s beautiful in here!

Halo Szczecin is located in a beautifully renovated building of former Prussian military barracks. The stylists took advantage of the building's unique historic structure, creating interiors here that bring together modernity, functionality and comfort. Inspired by the world of music (after all, Szczecin is home to the famous Philharmonic), the designers adorned the interiors with decorative motifs related to this art.

3 reasons to stay with us

Halo facilities are located in popular mountain and seaside resorts. Soon,
Halo will also appear in the centers of the most beautiful Polish cities.

Halo loves being with people - taking care of their good experiences, preparing pleasant surprises,
initiating inspiring meetings, and celebrating everyday hospitality.

Halo draws its colors from the richness of Polish nature: the green of forests, the red of flowery meadows, the gold of fields, and the blue of the sea.
We interpret them in our own way: in the color of wildflowers, you will find accents of coral reefs, and in the pine green - the subdued color of basil.