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Swimming pool

Halo Szczyrk

Halo! Time to relax!

If you are looking for the perfect place to relax and roam the mountains, Halo Szczyrk is the place for you! We have plenty of attractions that will make your stay better.

At Halo Szczyrk you’ can relax at our indoor pool open all year round, while in the summer you can enjoy sunbathing on the adjacent patio. You can also take advantage of our sauna parlour and relaxation zone. The active visitors can visit our gym and playing courts, as well as use our ping-pong table and an outdoor gym – provided that the weather permits.

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Swimming pool

The indoor swimming pool at Halo Szczyrk is open all year round. The 6-by-12-metre pool offers a depth of 1 – 1.8 metres, as well as water jets and a hot tub – the perfect place to relax and massage your sore muscles after a long day of mountain hiking. Adjacent to the pool, you will find a scenic patio.


The Halo Szczyrk mountain hotel offers a sauna area, which will help you relax and recuperate after a day of skiing or hiking. It is a great place to rest after a hard day on the trail and bolster your mood. What is more, using saunas offers numerous health benefits.

Dry sauna

The humidity in the sauna usually does not exceed 10%, but the temperature ranges from 70 to 100°C. As you stay in the sauna, the skin heats up releasing toxins and sweat. In a dry sauna, you boost the respiratory and circulatory capacity of your body.

Wet sauna

The wet sauna is a great choice for your skin and circulatory system. The temperature in the sauna is about 70°C – combined with a humidity level of no more than 40%, it ensures the best conditions for relaxation. What is more, our guests can set the sauna to suit their needs, as steam is created by pouring water over hot stones.

Relaxation Zone

The relaxation zone is a place for those seeking respite, peace and quiet. The guest can use our comfortable loungers and listen to quiet, soothing music in the background.

Halo! Book directly.

Halo! Book direct!

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