Halo Szczyrk

Halo! It’s beautiful in here!

One of the best things about staying at Halo Szczyrk is the beautiful view of the mountains, including the peak of the Skrzyczne Mountain. You can stay and rest surrounded by green areas. The extensive area surrounding the hotel features a terrace on the first floor and by the pool, a children's play area and an outdoor gym.

The city of Szczyrk boasts the largest number of ski lifts in Poland, as well as nearly 60 kilometres of pistes. You can also explore numerous caves and caverns, including the Ice Cave, Salmopolska Cave, Klimczok Cave and Malinowska Cave. In summer, tourists can take advantage of a rich network of scenic, well-prepared biking and hiking trails.

The hotel offers a ski and bike storage room, enabling you to safely and conveniently store your sports equipment.

Halo! Book directly.

Halo! Book direct!

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